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Earlier today our correspondence meet with the new media director of YEAEMEDIA HUB Osun state branch where he discussed his plans for the hub in Osun state.

YEAEMEDIA: Can we meet you?

Damilola: I’m Damilola by name but most times people call me Damo which I prefer most. So I will prefer the name Damo because it makes me feel relax with the person I am conversing with.

YEAEMEDIA: So Mr Damo, what is your upbringing like?

Damilola: I am a church boy ooo (Laughing) though most don’t believe that probably because of our mentality with religion in Africa which I don’t really believe it but I was trained by a pastor Anglican priest and you need to meet my mother (laughing) I call her ìyá yard she is an Iron lady so try to imagine how my childhood experience will be.

YEAEMEDIA: You resumes her today as the director of YEAEMEDIA in Osun state, can we know your plans for the media hub in Osun?

Damilola: From the name of the media House YEAE, it means Your Eyes And Ears Around so I’m here to make it real for the people by dishing out quality and accurate information. The dream is to develop this media House to be the best in Osun state and Nigeria at large.

YEAEMEDIA: Can you list the niche that will be available through YEAEMEDIA

Damilola: Evereyone needs media in their work. So YEAEMEDIA is here for everyone from accurate news to Content promotion and so on.

YEAEMEDIA: Hope the media House will not be partial in it’s work

Damilola: My track work speaks for me, I am straight in all my doings

YEAEMEDIA: Thank you for yiur time and hope you will be available for any further information.

Damilola: I am available 24/7


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