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Written by Prince Akande Dan Evidence(YAN Speaker Osun state)

It is disheartening that in spite of our abundant human and natural resources Osun state still gropes marvelously in the dark with a lot that needs to be done to the kid who clocked 29 years today, our founding generation has bigger dreams and aspirations for the state but where are we now?

The resultant effect of this is abysmal failures while other state that we are age of the same age range gallop ahead in the long and circuitous race to economic growth and development which positively impacts on the lives of it people.

Today in spite of the economic policies in place there is nothing to suggest that Osun is on the path to economic recovery nor is there anything to suggest that she is on the path to redemption, its obvious to all that the state is on time bomb with a lot of economics activities that has collapsed with zero plans by our leaders to salvage what is left of it.

Is it not a bundle of ironies and contradictions that hunger stares over a lot in the state that is blessed with vast agricultural potentials and that many go to bed on empty stomachs while the government makes zero effort to help the citizens?

This sad situation within this disheartening context, if we need reminding, reeks of dilemmas, ironies, and paradoxes as this promote crimes of varying degrees.

Attention must, therefore, be focused on key areas such as the economy, jobs, health, e.tc. which are ambitious goals for a state where traditionally government-led change has become very slow and hopelessly ineffective.

Osun State urgently stands in need of under the existing circumstances is a political party whose manifestoes contain a scheme or plan as a blueprint for future development programmes.

Fortunately or unfortunately, these are non-existent in the governing party and the main opposition.

Now is the time for the youth to wake up from their slumber and do what is expected of us.

For Osun to develop and record a strong economic growth she needs a political system that would be willing to create at least one hundred million new jobs for our teeming school leavers via Vocational Training and Youth Empowerment Scheme as obtains in advanced capitalist economies instead of giving relief funds that will not go a long way.

This will no doubt create a competitive business and investment environment capable of making Osun a leader in manufacturing and agricultural production instead of over-dependence on federal government budget as our main source.

Job creation should also be priotize among many other necessary changes that must be implemented.

This will in no small measure, promote honest business and entrepreneurship while manufacturing, agriculture and the service sectors will remain areas to focus on and develop.

To achieve these, there is every compelling need for the government to hands off running businesses and solely improve infrastructure to encourage private enterprises.

The larger part of Osun population must be moved to the middle class by strengthening traditional areas of employment like agriculture and retail through a rights-based approach by allowing every citizen the right to housing, health and security.

Attention must also be drawn to foreign investment by improving the policy framework.

Plans should be on ground to develop the state in the next few years instead of unveiling White elephant project.

Education standard in the state is gradually falling apart with lack of teachers in our school, its obvious we rely on NYSC members to develop the future leaders of the state when we know they will not give there best nor will it allow continuity for the child’s education.

The government should priotize a lot of agenda’s that will restore this state back on track.

Osun state is for us all and we must work for it development.

I Rt. Hon Akande Dan Evidence, Speaker Youth Assembly of Nigeria Osun State is calling on the youth in the state to wake up from our stasis and reclaim back the glory of the state.

YAN;Contributing to Nation developments.


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