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Message Of The Week: The Chains by Ojomo Temitayo

I starved, hungry to death in the dark dungeon with no one to help. I was thirsty in the dark dungeon yet dry to death. I was suffering yet I never knew there could be a way out.

Held bound were my hands and feet with fetchers of iron all born out of long allegiance to painful addictions. All I could think of was the death pleasure that overwhelmed the dieing soul.

The pain of the darkness tormented my helpless soul, little did I know that there could be a way out somewhere from the years of my birth, I had been kept in such agony to think that that was all there is to the miserable life.

And there in the hopelessness, there in the heart of darkness, there in the midst of my chaos, sounds the voice of one calling. Calling out loud to me to come. It was strange for me to see that my heart began to yearn after the voice of the one calling, I tried, I struggled to make a move towards the thrilling sound of the voice of the one calling but I realised I’ve been bound, never able to be free.

So I gave up trying with thoughts that the voice was never real and what was real was the chains and the fetchers of my captivity. So I gave up. I gave up.
Right again in my hopelessness with my head hung down it came again, the voice of the one calling, this time with strength of hope and like the feeling of a boiling water it felt within me, the voice of that one calling felt within me as the bumbling of a boiling water.

The voice said to me rise up and come! at the sound of those words that bubbles in my belly, suddenly the fetchers were gone, the chains of pain all gone. I stood up, lifted my hands, jumped and leaped, I ran towards the sound of the voice of the one calling out to me.

As I approach The voice, the darkness vanished and great light that could blind the eyes at such intensity, overwhelmed my weeping soul and there I found him, the voice of the one calling out to me.

I lay me down at his feet, embraced his feet and kissed his toes and he touched me lifted me up and said the words like drops of water quenching the thirst and dryness in my very soul, the words like meat did satisfy my hungry soul. He said, ‘I am Love, your Savior and your Redeemer.

Then I realised that the voice of the one calling is the voice of my Lord, my Savior, my Redeemer and my Love he has rescued me from the power of darkness from the chains of pains and the fetchers of agony, he brought me out of the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of Light. This is the story of my redemption.1Pet2:9, Col1:13.


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